KEGE Aluminum packaging is a very professional packaging company. We have been searching for a better packaging of our products for a long time, and finally we decided and chosen KEGE as our supplier. The truth is that we have found a nice partner.We are glad with their quality, service,design and so on.It’s really nice to work with them so many years.

Thanks to their perfect products and focused service over the years, KEGE has provided us with valuable results. I like the guys and their products.

John Smith - General Manager

I'm glad to find them, they help me to solve my packing solution. Thanks so much for their work.

Victoria - Purchase Manager

Their salesman and very professional staff are always ready to help. The aluminum tube is quite suit for our cigars.

Alexander Denisov - General Manager

Your product's quality is beyond my expectation. I have to say KEGE is a good partner.


I like their aluminum cigar tubes, nice quality and good price, the printing is well. It is really pleasure to work with them together....

John Atherton - CEO

KEGE offers us the best quality aluminum can/jar, they are our trusted aluminum suppliers in China.

Edin Kukavica - CEO

KEGE is our best aluminum sprayer bottle supplier, we worked with them many years. I like their services.

Rory Daly - Purchase Manager